2 days in Bangalore, Karnataka

Dog café

We started our trip with wagging tails approaching us with unconditional love. 

I was intrigued to visit Therpup – The Dog Cafe in Whitefield while I was in Bangalore. INR 250 on weekends and INR 150 on weekdays – The entire amount is fully redeemable against food and beverages inside. The cafe is shut on Tuesdays

Reaching the cafe

We put the location in Google maps and left. The cafe is little on the inside in small lanes. We thought we’re in the wrong area but then finally figured the gate and entered. They have a huge space for these cuties! We reached the place without any prior appointment. Please call and check with them for the same. Upon reaching we paid a cover charge.

wagging tails welcoming us      There we some 8-9 dogs inside including a 3 month old cocker spaniel, 2 year old golden retrievers, beagles etc. We reached there around 2pm when the dogs are tired and sleepy. The owner told us that the dogs are chirpy and fresh in the morning and evening. It’ll be better to visit them at that time. I’d suggest to visit in the morning since the crowd will be less. We chilled there till around 5, had lunch there. The sandwiches, shakes and fries were delicious. We explored a little inside and found these lovely posters.

Check the website for other FAQs here.

Bangalore Palace

Halt 2 : Organic food garden

We found an artifact showroom in the vicinity and decided to drop by. The entire property was beautiful, filled with trees, plants and flowers and cute decor. We couldn’t buy any organic food or artifacts unfortunately, but did get some peaceful moments here and pictures, of course. 

alt 3  : Party at the Watson’s We decided to explore the night life of Bangalore and visited Watson’s to party. The place is nothing like we would get in Mumbai. It had open windows and beautiful decor and ambiance.  

Halt 1: Bangalore Palace If  Bangalore Palace is not on your bucket list, put it NOW! This palace has a mixture of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture which have resulted into the grand palace that we see today.  As per beliefs, King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew his inspiration for building the palace from the Windsor Castle of London.
 Indian: INR 230, Foreigner: INR 460  . This cost includes a headhpones with a tape. It has explained each corner of the palace beautifully.

Halt 2 : Ulsoor Lake After leaving from Bangalore palace, we wanted to catch the sunset at the Ulsoor lake. It was a perfect setting – my friends, gorgeous sunset around infinite lake and wind around us.  

Halt 3 : Happy Belly Bakes A cafe that I would recommend if you want to spend some alone with with cute ambiance, loads of books (you can exchange your current book with any book in the cupboard that they have), delicious desserts and food. 

This sums up my Bangalore Trip. 


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