A weekend getaway from Bangalore

The Bamboo Rustles (100 km from Bangalore – Border of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh)

1st & 2nd May, 2018.

“Dear Guests, Bamboo Rustles is not a resort but a basic rustic nature camp off the electric grid working on solar and using ground water. I request and thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility as far as the limitations are concerned – be it the simplicity of food or “not so clear” bathing water. I feel the natural surroundings and the charm of close to camping experience makes up for it. Have a great stay”

Trip planning and details:

We booked a ( SUV ) zoom car and two cottages for 7 of us. We chose Spacious Boutique Rammed Earth Cottages over tents because they are really spacious, comfortable and naturally cooled. Moreover, since we were in a forest area, we wanted covered and safe bathrooms too. Tariff: Rs. 2900/adult/night (attached bathroom) inclusive of stay and 3 meals.

They also have an option of day visit – You could spend a day at Bamboo Rustles Camp and enjoy the activities along with the solitude surrounded by forested hillocks. Day Visit would be charges will be different. It includes Lunch, Evening Tea and Snacks, and the activities mentioned below.

You can laze on a hammock under a tamarind tree, jump into our rustic jungle pool(Feb to June), go for nature treks, enjoy our tree house, walk the ropeway bridge, go kayaking, enjoy a jeep ride, enjoy the starlit sky, barbeque your food, strum your guitar and have the birds wake you up in the morning.  
The below activities are at a small extra charge of Rs.250 per person per activity and subject to conditions during your stay:
– Kayaking/Coracle Ride in a small lake (that is 15 km away from the site and you have to reach in your own vehicle )
– Fun Gypsy Night Ride.

Tentative Food Menu (could vary):
Lunch : Rice,Sambar, Rasam, Vegetable, Curd
Eve – Tea and Bhajji/Pakoras
Barbecue – upon request
Dinner : Vegetable Stew with Chapattis OR Dosas with chutney and sambar. Chicken curry – upon request(chargeable)
Breakfast : Scrambled Egg n Toast and Saviyan/Upma – Please let staff at camp know what you prefer.
– If you would like Non Veg, please inform them prior to arrival and we can arrange for the same. There is a nominal charge for that.
– You are also free to carry your own drinks/beverages and marinated veggie/meats or other food to the site. There is no corkage fee.

Contact them on : bamboorustles@gmail.com and do go through their FAQs here

Our experience at The Bamboo Rustles

We put the location on Google maps and left from Bangalore for a ride of 100kms one way. Once we are at the vicinity, we lost the network. I recommend you to download the maps offline and inform them about your arrival so they are prepared and will come to pick you up if required. We lost complete network coverage ( do inform your loved ones about this ). You can use Mr Anand – the manager’s mobile phone for any emergency / updating anyone.

We went to our spacious and humongous rooms where we instantly fell in love with the space. Unfortunately, there was no electricity and it was scorching hot. We chilled on the swings and left for a home made lunch under the trees and tree house!

After our lunch (the food was locally cooked and was a very simple, fresh and an organic meal) , we climbed up the tree house and stayed there for sometime. We played ukulele, read books on the hammocks, sat on the tyre swings and spoke a lot.

Mr Anand suggested we can go for night safari if it does not rain. He showed us videos and photos of animals and reptiles. We almost agreed to go but then he showed us a video where he is approaching a snake to take a video and he realized that it is a flying snake! We decided to not go for the safari. We were hoping that we could go for kayaking the next morning if it did not rain.

Around 5-6pm, the sky went dark and winds started howling. To our surprise, it started raining!! The view from our cottages was stunningly beautiful and gorgeous!

We clicked a lot and had a warm and cozy time with pakodas, tea and friends for snacks.

We crashed in the same room for the night after dinner. One cottage had enough space for 15 adults!

We did not get up early for a trek/kayaking. During breakfast, the locals came from the jungle with real honey with them!! We ate real honey with our breakfast post which we got ready for a check out.

Cost: INR 3500 per person (travel to the location from Bangalore in Zoom Car, stay & meals)

I would recommend this trip to only those who really want a digital detox, wants to enjoy the experience of a real tree house and nature, is fine with a few insects here and there and who will enjoy a basic / non fancy meals.

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