Hey there, you!

A warm welcome to you who’s stumbled on my website. I am Parita Bhansali, an ardent curious traveler and a fernweh by heart from India. Welcome to my memoirs, but ensure that the only baggage you carry here on this site is that of your travel necessities ?


I am a corporate sales professional in a pharmaceutical publishing agency with an irrevocable passion for traveling and protecting our planet earth.

A woman in Naga kitchen with 5 tattooed Konyak headhunters of Mon District, Nagaland.
In a Naga kitchen with 5 tattooed Konyak headhunters of Mon District, Nagaland, India.


I try curating (mostly offbeat destinations) budget trips so that others including myself can fulfill their dreams of globe-trotting.

However, my heart and mind does get greedy and needs pampering sometimes, in this scenario, I do not devoid them of any papering and start mapping out a luxurious trip for us.

I also consider ways and means to reduce carbon footprints while travelling and find out eco – friendly alternatives to try to save our planet. By pledging to ban visiting zoo,s I have embraced a vegan lifestyle (no leather shoes, bags, etc.) with flexible vegan palate.

woman with a dupatta at Rani Roopmati Pavilion in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
At Rani Roopmati Pavilion in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, India.


I have enjoyed the peace at The Last Shangri La โ€“ Bhutan, colourful vibes of Rajasthan, indulged myself in the rich and almost historic cultures of the far north-eastern regions of India- Assam and Nagaland, explored the wilderness of Kerala, partied as if there is no tomorrow in Goa, had best food in Punjab, enjoyed the man-made cities of Singapore and Dubai, visited the paradise of Jammu and Kashmir, experienced the magic of science in Karnataka and witnessed infinite possibilities in the largest salt desert โ€“ Rann of Kutch, Gujarat!

108 chortans at Dochu La in Bhutan.
At 108 chortans at Dochu La in Bhutan.


I aspire to tell the stories of my travel. I aspire to see the world indulge in telling stories of their journeys because nothing teaches anyone more than travel.


So let’s dive in blog posts and travel stories now, shall we?