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Maachli Farmstay – A weekend getaway.

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A year ago, I remember seeing a distinct high raise ceiling cottage with thatched long roof engulfed in the woods. It undoubtedly, looked like a place to relax in the arms of the wilderness.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I visited the website and read about the traditional services being offered and I was immediately sold!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Moreover, I loved the fact that it was accessible from Mumbai (and Bangalore) by just an overnight journey. I made a few plans which unfortunately, did not materialize.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ This year, I got lucky. My plans became a reality. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about reading on the chairs in the veranda while I also listen to the birds chirping, crickets stridulating, winds playing music with the dense leaves of the plantations.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I couldn’t stop daydreaming about getting a pain in the nape by staring at tall beetle trees which literally touch the sky! ⁣ Seeing Alphonso trees for the first time.⁣ Knowing about teak tree's tiny ant sized white flowers, learning and seeing naturally available herb shatavari which helps in getting BP under control. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I couldn't stop daydreaming about consuming organically grown food. Wandering around the paths around the huts inside the plantations.⁣ Drinking water originating from the streams.⁣ Running on a bleak bridge made from bamboo shoots and taking a fish pedicure in a natural environment instead in closed walls of a parlour! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ And I could finally stop daydreaming while I lay on the bed staring at the greens right out of my gorgeous window! Thank you for making my dreams a reality by hosting me and @aishwaryaa26 , @maachli !⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #tsbbgxmaharashtra

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Maachli Farmstay is featured on Lonely Planet, Outlook Traveller, CN Traveller, Tripoto, Travel Triangle, etc. If you still want more reasons to visit Maachli, read below.


Why Maachli Farmstay?

In olden days, farmer’s houses were called Maachli. These cottages are built keeping those in mind along with a modern twist of architecture in it.

Maachli’s holiday concept includes hidden getaway, micro climate (always pleasant because the cottages are situated in the plantations!), slow holidays and unwinding with the nature.

Responsible Tourism!

I cannot stress enough on how important this is with the current situation of our planet.

Can you believe, the Samant Family has not cut a single tree while constructing these 6 cottages?! It shows a commendable job and a fine work of architecture!

A woman behind trees sitting under a hut
Blending with the vegetation just how it is meant to be.

Traditional approach

Another thing I love about Maachli Farmstay is the traditional approaches in building and sustaining the property:

  • Water from a nearby stream is used for all the activities in the property.
  • Use of plastic and cement is extremely minimum. The bridge, utensils, soap container etc are name od bamboo shoots, coconut, wood etc.
  • The only sound you will get is of the birds and cricket chirping, winds playing music with the leaves.
  • Parking and roads are almost a kilometre away from the property, ensuring no smoke and air pollution!
  • Food is cook in an old-style chullah in a mud stove.
Ready to be plucked for cooking a vegetable

Generating employment

  • The Pottery community now in the village has only one active potter left and thankfully, he has started getting enough earning through pottery classes!
  • Their 80% of the staff is women and have generated employment opportunities for the locals.
  • They’ve helped the micro economy of the village by increasing the daily requirement of grocery, vegetables, fruits and fish.
3 women in an old style Indian kitchen
The show-runners of Maachli Kitchen


Things to do in & around Maachli Farmstay

Mother’s lap is not going to let you go easily at Maachli. With a plethora of options available for you to indulge in nature, here are a handful of things to do over a weekend that I LOVED!

Please note for these costs to be valid, you need to be at least two.


Day 1

Plantation Tour

We started our day with the Plantation Tour after breakfast.

We saw a plethora of flora and fauna- Teak trees, Beetle Nut trees, Alphanso trees, Teak tree flowers, many medicinal herbs, including the Kadam tree which is said to be Lord Krishna’s favorite tree!

In Hindu mythology, the Kadam tree is the favorite tree of Lord Krishna, who is usually depicted playing his flute under it. Maachli’s Kadam tree is 7-year old kid.

(INR 200 per person)

worm's eye view of kadam tree
Krishna’s Kadam tree


Hike towards Bhogwe beach

Yes, you read it right. We hiked between and on two mountains to reach the Bhogwe beach! A serene unexplored and there were almost 10 people on that beach!

Ideally, a hike takes an hour. Considering our speed and halts for photos, we took two hours for almost 6kms.

We saw the different landscape and vegetation – ranging from grasslands, volcanic lands, dense jungle and crossed a river stream in between! This was the highlight of my trip!

(INR 200 per person)

a woman in rice fields bedise a tree, standing before a hut
Running in dreamy ricefields in front of the huts

a woman crossing a jungle
Did you notice the gigantic leaves to my left? Such a gorgeous size and damn that gloss!

a woman under pink sunset skies
A no filter sky on Bhogwe Beach. Pink, purple, blue – yes, we saw all the colours up that evening!


Day 2

Atop Killeniwati Beach

We left in an auto to see the beach from a mountain top! There was a small fort on the top said to be Shivaji Maharaja’s.

(INR 200 per person – this cost is of an auto ride and him waiting for you for an hour or two at the beach)


Killeniwati Beach

We descended from the top, took stairs to the Killeniwati beach. This beach was even less populated compared to Bhogle beach! There was literally no one for an hour till the time we got the company of some fishermen who left to catch some food for themselves and others.

Wishful thinking of turning into tiny Alice to see how a crab’s house looks from inside

a woman on a beach with rocks around
Getting all candid for the camera


Fish pedicure

A river flows by right outside the cottages. You can get a pedicure done right there in those clear waters where you can see the fishes running towards your dead skins.

(INR – some best things with nature come without any cost, we, in turn, have to ensure to not ruin/pollute them)

a woman dipping her feet in a river for fish pedicure
Waiting for the fishes to come nibble off my dead skin.


Day 3

Learning Pottery

You can learn pottery here from an original a traditional potter. We could not experience this since the potter was sick. This experience also depends on the climate – it is dicey in monsoon (INR 300 per person).

Boat Ride and Mangrove Walk

Boat ride in backwaters of a place called Korjai. Mangrove walk on Karli backwaters in Korjai which is 7kms from Maachli (~INR 1000).


How’s the food in the nature’s lap?

Maachli serves traditional malvani / Konkani food. They have amazing options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Everything is organically grown and sourced. We could feel the food’s freshness while consuming it!

They have a fixed menu and no al a carte and yet we had amazing surprises during all our meals.

I loved how even small things like serving in earthen pots, using leaves and wooden utensils. Even such minute details are taken care to protect the environment and to give a rich traditional village feel to us city dwellers. EVERY meal here was a feast! 

a konkani lunch in wodden utensils
We have had the chance to eat usal, breadfruit fitters, karela and jaggery vegetable, mustard leaves vegetable, ghavan, vali vegetable, roti, rice, solkadhi, sweets, etc!


What to pack for Maachli Farmstay?

  • Ensure you carry sufficient mosquito repellent since you will be staying amidst a jungle. We smartly forgot ours. Maachli provides mosquito repellent incense sticks which were sufficient for a day when we were relaxing in our cottage. We purchased some tubes before leaving for the activities around.
  • Water bottles – Ensure you carry refillable bottles to avoid plastic pollution or check LifeStraw as a brilliant alternative
  • Sunscreen, umbrella, hat, and sunglasses for a trek. I would suggest wearing flipflops, if you will be comfortable for the trek since you will be crossing a river stream and then relaxing on – beach. Now that I think of the terrain, flipflops too would have been comfortable – our host Mr. Prathamesh was wearing the same.
  • Beach hat and an extra pair of clothes when you visit Killeniwati Beach.
  • Maachli provides basic soap and towels. Remember to carry other toiletries.


How to reach Maachli Farmstay?

Mumbai to Vengurla is 542 kms and Bangalore to Vengurla is 627 kms.

Air- Goa airport is The nearest airport which is 120 km from Maachli 

Road- Buses to Kudal run frequently. You can check the options on Goibibo / Redbus.

Train – There are various trains available from Mumbai and other places too. We too Jan Shatabdi while reaching and Konkan Kanya while leaving. The nearest railway stop is Kudal. Kudal and Malvan are 20km from Maachli. We booked our tickets on irctc.com

wash basins with tree trunks as support
Basin and soap holders are made from fallen barks in Maachli Farmstay


Costs to snuggle in nature

  1. Our return train (Mumbai – Kudal) cost us INR 800 /- per person
  2. Activities and auto rides ~INR 1000 – 1500 per person
  3. You can check the machaan and meal rates here.

For a group of 2-4 people, per person cost for a weekend can be around ~INR 5000 including everything mentioned in this Maachli Farmstay blog.


This blog was in collaboration with Maachli Farmstay but the views, opinions, and photos are entirely mine. I thank my photographer friend Aishwaryaa for clicking me.


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